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When you need help, we are here. Whether a registered patient or a new patient to Cherrytree Dental Care in Wantage, we will aim to see you the same day to relieve your pain and make you comfortable.

Toothache Pain Relief

If you are a registered patient of Cherrytree Dental Care in Wantage, please contact our reception team as soon as possible if you have a dental emergency. We always try and see emergencies on the same day and urgencies as soon as possible.

If you are not a patient of Cherrytree, we are more than happy to help, and we offer a Relief and Rescue service for you. We will see you and carry out care to get you pain-free and comfortable. From there, you can then make a decision for future care and we, of course, would be delighted to accept you for regular care.

Our Relief and Rescue fee is a fully inclusive fee of £150; this is a guaranteed relief of pain service.

Pain Relief and Rescue Express Appointment Request

Step 1: Please click here to find a suitable appointment time online and select the emergency consultation option. If you manage to find a convenient time and book an appointment then there is no need to go to step 2.

Step 2: If you are unable to find a suitable appointment time by following the link above then please complete the form below, we will then contact you to arrange your appointment. We can sometimes fit emergency appointments in between other appointments, please note that you may need to wait for a suitable time.

Further advice and information about tooth pain

I have severe tooth pain; what can I do?

If you have severe tooth pain and want to get rid of the toothache the first thing you should do is to contact the dentist. To request an appointment, DO NOT contact your general Doctor as they will usually not be able to give advice or treatment about anything related to teeth.

We recommend that you contact your dentist if:

If you have additional injuries from trauma or the swelling is extensive around your neck and mouth or is making breathing difficult, then please go to your local accident and emergency department.

While waiting to see a dentist, here is what you can do at home for severe tooth pain.

  1. Take over the counter painkillers, following the instructions.
  2. Adults can rinse their mouth out with warm saltwater.
  3. Consume soft foods and avoid sweet, sticky, and excessively hot or cold food.

Toothache Causes

Chronic tooth pain

tooth decayThere are a variety of causes for chronic tooth pain but it is usually because the nerve is picking up more sensitivity from the mouth than it should. Increased sensitivity will most likely be because the protection of the dentine and enamel which make up the tooth have been eroded in some way. This erosion can be due to age, decay or trauma.

Every day our teeth are exposed to friction, from both the opposing teeth and our toothbrush. If this is not monitored or is excessive, then the teeth can begin to wear away. As they do this the protective enamel gets thinner and thinner, the nerves them pick up more and more of the sensitivity until the point chronic pain begins.

The same principle also occurs with trauma, if a tooth has been chipped the nerve becomes more exposed.

If the tooth has decay, then the protective enamel and dentine are eroded by the bacterial acid, again causing the root to become more exposed and chronic pain to begin.

Pain that comes and goes

This type of pain is usually caused by eating hot or cold food if scratch that, if the dentine and enamel are eroded then the nerve picks up more of the hot and cold sensitivity as we eat, this can cause pain while eating which then immediately stops after the hot or cold stimulus has finished.

If you experience pain that is not related to hot or cold but is related to eating, then there may be a crack in the tooth. As you bite down on your food, particularly hard or crunchy food, this crack may open up slightly as the tooth flexes, this can expose more of the nerve to the stimulus in the mouth causing pain. This type of pain usually only happens when you eat and is not present in ordinary life.



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