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For a great smile with your own natural teeth, orthodontics is accessible to all.

Straightening Your Teeth

Teeth straightening, or orthodontics, has for many years been considered a treatment just for children. We straighten their teeth and take advantage of their growth phases to optimise their care. However, it is possible to straighten your teeth whatever your age and many more people are now considering this as an option if they are unhappy with their smile.

In the past, when teeth are crooked we may have cut tooth tissue away to provide a crown or maybe a veneer so we can provide a straight smooth smile. However, we know that damaging the tooth can, in time, lead to the loss of a tooth, and potentially a lifetime of treatments. Alternatively, straightening can deliver a smooth aligned smile with your teeth intact and no need for endless changes of crowns in your lifetime.

Straightening teeth is now a real possibility for almost anyone, and it is so much more convenient than it ever was, with different systems and methods for tooth straightening available. This means there is likely a solution for you!

There are also a range of other cosmetic dentistry options, all designed to help you achieve a brighter, fresher smile



Frequently asked questions

What will happen at the first appointment?

Once you have had an initial consultation to help you decide whether orthodontics is possible for you, a ‘records’ appointment will be booked for you. At this appointment, (which lasts around half an hour), we’ll take a series of photographs, x-rays, and digital scans, before talking through your options for treatment to give you the smile you are looking for. We will then use that information to make a personalised treatment plan for you, which will give you all the options, an estimate for how long your treatment is likely to take, and what the financial investment will be. A second visit is needed to review your treatment plan, finalise your treatment options and answer any questions you may have.

What is it like having a brace fitted?

A removable brace, or aligner, is fitted very easily by clipping it onto selected teeth. Aligners sometimes require tooth coloured ‘buttons’ to be bonded onto some teeth to help the teeth to move. There is minimal discomfort involved. Fixed (or conventional) braces are simply “glued” onto the teeth. There is no need for an anaesthetic injection, but you will feel some tenderness as the teeth start to move. Occasionally teeth may need to be removed before having braces fitted if there is a lot of crowding – this will be discussed with you if needed for your treatment.

Can you be too old for braces?

No, age is not a factor! Only the health of your teeth, gums and bone (which support your teeth) are the important factors in determining whether treatment is possible or not. About three quarters of our orthodontic patients are adults and that number is growing!

What foods do I avoid during treatment?

Very crunchy and sticky foods can break your fixed brace. Toffee and other hard foods must be avoided. Really enjoyable hard foods can be chopped up and chewed gently. You cannot eat or drink (except water) at all with aligners in your mouth.

What types of braces are there?

Fixed braces are usually bonded to the front surface of the tooth. These can be metal or tooth coloured. Lingual fixed braces are fixed behind the patient’s teeth, but are only available in selected cases. Aligners are virtually invisible, and can be used for selected patients who are excellent in managing their oral hygiene. Removable appliances (which are sometimes used for children) can be taken out for eating, but are generally only used during a growth phase.

How long will the treatment take?

This depends on how much work there is to do. Fixed brace treatment can take between 6 and 24 months, but longer if the problem is particularly severe or if teeth need to be removed. If braces are broken frequently this will prolong the treatment time. Aligner treatment is wholly dependent on the number of aligners needed and how well they are worn, but are generally suitable for more minor tooth movements towards the front of the mouth.

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