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If you’re anxious about dental care or have a fear of the dentist, we can help with sedation to help you relax and have your treatment without worries.

Do you have dental anxiety?

We understand that a fear of dental treatment can lead to anxiety and stress making the whole process feel quite daunting, for some even stepping through our door can be quite an ordeal. With this in mind, we have created an environment to aid your relaxation with a team who care and want to see happy patients.

Sometimes though, despite all the measures we put into place, some patients need a little more. If this is you then please contact one of our team and chat. We understand you may not want to even pop in. We can deliver your treatment with some medicine to help you relax. Intravenous sedation is safe and reliable; it allows you to be co-operative during your treatment but you are not anxious and are totally relaxed.

Can sedation really help with a fear of the dentist?

IV sedation, or Conscious Sedation as it is otherwise known can really help you to drift off into a twilight world during treatment, some people even call it twilight sedation. It allows the dentist to carry out the treatment you need, whilst keeping you totally relaxed. The medicine also has an amnesic quality, which means you will not actually remember having your dental care.

Can I eat before dental sedation

It is not necessary for you to stop eating for IV sedation at the dentist, in fact, it is recommended that you have a light meal beforehand.

What types of treatment can I have with sedation?

Patients sometimes find that because they are scared of the dentist that they don’t visit as often as they should, this can then lead to dental problems further down the line. Sedation may then be used for treatments such as:

If you’re thinking about having dental implants under sedation then we’re be pleased to offer a complimentary consultation to discuss dental implants as well as dental sedation.

What is this sedation process?

To have sedation you will need a full medical assessment as well as someone to accompany you home. The process involves a small injection into either your arm or hand. The sedation medicine is then slowly introduced helping you to relax. Throughout the process the team will monitor you closely. You will not be able to drive or work for 24hours after your care.

five-star review

“Niall was excellent at explaining what needed to be done and made sure I was comfortable throughout. Having had bad experiences before, I am always worried going but everyone is so nice and make me feel at ease every time.”

Laura (Patient)

five-star review

“Niall, I apologise for taking time to write and thank you for the experience of my tooth extraction. I was very nervous and you assured me and also Miriam the reception staff and your assistant by their kind manner. You are an excellent dentist in all you have done for me. Thanks for the care and attention.”

Lilian (Patient)

five-star review

“Niall and Alanna, thank you to both of you for helping me overcome my fear of the dentist and hygienist treatment”

Sarah D (Patient)


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