Why should I see the Dental Hygienists?

Why would you need to see a dental hygienist and is it really necessary?

At Cherrytree Dental Care in Wantage we work closely as a team to improve and maintain your dental health. We also understand that prevention is usually preferable to cure and nowhere is this more true in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay.

Our dental hygienists work alongside our dentists to deliver a personalised programme for you. That is a plan for great oral hygiene and to reduce the chances of gum disease getting a hold or tooth decay from starting.

Our hygienists will explain

  • the importance of toothbrushing
  • how to cleanse between your teeth and in the gaps where food lodges
  • why you should also cleanse your tongue and palate
  • about diet advice and how to reduce sugar intake and therefore minimise your risk of dental decay.

Our dental hygienists will also:

  • Clean your teeth and deep clean when necessary
  • Assess your gums for further damage from gum disease
  • Apply preventive fluoride treatments
  • Provide more advanced gum disease treatments under the direction of the dentist
  • Help motivate you and keep you on track.

Most patients see one of our dental hygienists every  six months but some may require more regular maintenance visits and we will advise the interval between appointment that wee feel is necessary for your optimal gum health.

So you can see by visiting a dental hygienist regularly you will have the best possible chance to remain free of gum disease and decay free.

When did you last visit your dental hygienist? Maybe it’s time to give our team a call?

Business Director
Cherrytree Dental Care