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Root canal treatments in South Oxfordshire

When a tooth is beyond simple repair but still able to be saved by having the nerve replaced with a filling material or root canal treatment.

Our aim is to look after you in an ethical and caring manner, with a strong team that is dedicated to your dental health.

Endodontic Appointments

We always endeavour to save teeth, sometimes they are beyond help and need extracting but wherever possible if the damage is into the pulp or nerve supply of the tooth we can consider endodontic therapy or root canal therapy as it is more commonly known by.


Root canal treatment involves cleaning out the centre of the tooth and removing all infected debris. The remaining space is then filled to prevent re-infection and then the tooth is restored with a crown, inlay or onlay.


Not all teeth are capable of being treated this way and we have to take x-rays to assess the shape of the root canals and determine if this is possible. With improved treatment outcomes this is once again proving more popular.

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