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Replacement of missing teeth with removable, comfortable dentures for great function and aesthetics


We do everything we can to save a tooth but sometimes it’s just not possible. In these cases, it will have to be removed. If this happens, we can discuss how to replace the missing tooth or teeth. There are several options and one of them is to have a denture placed.

What is a denture?

A denture is a removable appliance to replace anything from one tooth to a full mouth of lost teeth. It is constructed over several appointments in collaboration with our dental technician.

The different types of denture

There are primarily for different types of denture.

Are dentures hard to get used to?

Modern cosmetic dentures can be very comfortable and quick to get used to. Sometimes snug denture cushion are placed on the inside of the denture, this is a soft lining inside the denture which makes them even more comfortable.

You may find there is a period of adjustment when you have new dentures, sometimes it takes a week or so for them to settle in and for the muscles around your face to get used to them. If you do find that ulcers develop please let your dentist know as they can then make adjustments to the inside fitting surface of the denture.

There is always going to be a period of adjustment and you may find that speech is a little more difficult the first time you wear dentures. You should find that you adapt very quickly, usually within one week.

Alternatives to dentures

Are there alternatives? Yes, absolutely.

Both bridges and implants are permanent and are not removable by the patient. Sometimes a dental implant can be retained with a screw, this will not be visible in normal use and makes the implant bridge removable by the dentist for routine maintenance.

If you struggle with looseness of dentures, particularly a lower full denture, then you can have a couple of implants placed to fix your denture into. This is a very popular treatment when dentures have become a nuisance.

Good quality, well fitting dentures take time to construct from both the dentist’s and the technician’s perspective and the aim is to replace lost support and have a natural, great looking denture that has great function too.

Loose wobbly dentures can also be stabilised with dental implants.

Meet your dental implant dentist

Dr Jens Wille

GDC Reg No 100884

Jens qualified as a dentist in Germany in 2005. He started working in Oxfordshire shortly after whilst also completing research based at the University of Regensburg and completing his doctorate in dental studies, joining the Cherrytree Dental team in 2009.

He has continued to develop his clinical expertise with further training into dental implants, management of facial pain and aesthetic dentistry too. He is particularly interested in helping nervous patients to regain and retain a healthy and beautiful smile and has achieved a Diploma in dental Hypnosis at University College London.

five-star review

“Delighted with the outcome. I have always found Dr Jens Wille to be very friendly and professional and his care has been outstanding. I would highly recommend him and have done so to friends.”

Sylvia G (Patient)

five-star review

“Transformative Dentistry…I cannot recommend Cherry Tree dental practice enough. “

Wojciech S (Patient)


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