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Question: What is a Dental Implant?

Answer: An artificial root that works like a natural one

We do everything we can to save a tooth but sometimes it is just not possible and it will need to be extracted. If this happens, we will discuss replacement of the missing tooth or teeth with you in detail. There are several options and one of them is to have an implant placed.

A dental implant is a small but strong post made from biocompatible metals or ceramics. Under local anesthetic, it is inserted into the jaw bone in place of the missing tooth root and acts as a support for the tooth.

The healing phase is between 6 and 12 weeks, depending on the individual medical situation. During this period, the implant becomes securely attached to the jaw bone – a process called osseointegration.

Once healed, this artificial root acts as a base for fixing individual crowns, multi-tooth bridges, or an entire dental prosthesis.


Advantages of a dental implant

When a tooth is lost either by extraction or trauma there is a hole left. Unfortunately bone does not rebuild in this area, rather the surrounding bone collapses into this hole. This results in an overall reduction in bone quantity in this area. This loss of bone quantity leads to compromised aesthetics in the surrounding area as the gums also shrink.

When a dental implant is placed into the hole it prevents this bone resorption, thereby supporting the surrounding bone and preventing the bone loss.

bone resorption around a tooth loss site

All of your natural teeth are also in fine balance and harmony with one another, when a tooth is lost the adjacent teeth  will tend to tip into the space and the opposing tooth will have a tendency to over erupt. A dental implant is the most conservative way to replace the missing tooth without having to remove possibly healthy tooth structure from either side of the gap, as is required with dental bridges.

dental implant stops teeth drifting

How does the process work?

Our aim is always to make the dental implant process as simple as possible.

The first stage is to visit us for a complimentary chat with a dentist. This is your perfect opportunity to ask as many questions as you like, find out what options could be plus have a brief discussion about your suitability for dental implants.

After your first complimentary appointment and if you are in agreement with our suggestions then you would be invited back for a full implant consultation. This is where a detailed analysis of your current situation, how many implants you need and how long the process will take will be provided. You will also be given a detailed treatment plan including all of the associated costs. There is a fee for this implant consultation however this is deducted from treatment if you decide to go ahead.

Are dental implants expensive?

When taking the life time use of a dental implant they are often considered the most cost-effective option to replace missing teeth. Dental bridges often require the reduction of teeth either side of the gap in order to support the false tooth. This reduction of otherwise healthy tooth structure and can often lead to problems later on in life. A dental implant, on the other hand does not touch adjacent teeth, thereby leaving them in their healthy state  to last many more years.

Payment plans are very often available for dental implant treatments making them an affordable option.

Meet your dental implant dentist

Dr Jens Wille

GDC Reg No 100884

Jens qualified as a dentist in Germany in 2005. He started working in Oxfordshire shortly after whilst also completing research based at the University of Regensburg and completing his doctorate in dental studies, joining the Cherrytree Dental team in 2009.

He has continued to develop his clinical expertise with further training into dental implants, management of facial pain and aesthetic dentistry too. He is particularly interested in helping nervous patients to regain and retain a healthy and beautiful smile and has achieved a Diploma in dental Hypnosis at University College London.

five-star review

“Excellent treatment from all staff. Dr Jena Wille very reassuring with great professional examination and explanation of examination findings.”

Kathryn F(Patient)

five-star review

“As soon as I walk through the door, I feel such a sense of calm and well-being. Jens always greets me with such a wonderful smile. I always feel so relaxed and grateful for the gentle yet thorough way he treats me. He is truly the best dental practitioner I have ever had! His advice is always adhered to as I know he only has the best treatment at the time for me. Long may it continue!!”

Wendy H(Patient)


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