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Teeth in a day with digital dentistry and CEREC

Same-day crowns, inlays, onlays and veneers

Niall has been using CEREC, our dental crown making machine for some time now and is one of the few dentists in the UK who is using the newest up-to-date OmniCam version of CEREC. The system allows us to scan your tooth and, using the latest CadCam technology, transfer that scan and 3D image to a computer which is then attached to a  dental crown milling machine. This machine then constructs your CEREC restoration.

We can use this for simple inlays, onlays, or full crowns on teeth. The advantages of this system are:

Once the scan of your tooth has been transferred to our computer, you are free to relax and have a cup of coffee, or you can even watch our machine mill your tooth from a ceramic block.

All that remains then is to cement the restoration in place and your tooth is restored. Our patients really value the time saved overall, the quality of the restoration and the simplicity of this system.

Digital dental impressions with no impression ‘goo’

In traditional dentistry if you need to have a crown, inlay/onlay (ceramic white filling) or a dental veneer then you would need to have an impression taken. This is done by filling an impression tray with a soft impression material, the tray is inserted into your mouth and you wait for a few minutes whilst the material sets. This is then sent to a dental laboratory who pour high-strength dental plaster into this mould of your teeth to produce a model. On top of this plaster model the laboratory then manufactures your restoration.

Digital impressions use a camera to scan your teeth, this digital scan is then built up as the camera passes over your teeth. Take a look at the video to see how this digital impression works.

Digital impressions have the following advantages:

How CEREC Works

CEREC technology makes it possible to produce and integrate ceramic restorations in a single appointment. Unlike other materials such as amalgam or gold, ceramic is more biocompatible and boasts tooth-like physical and aesthetic qualities.

In addition, digital impressions are more comfortable for patients than traditional impressions.

The digital mapping technology of CEREC that charts the inside of the patient’s mouth completely accurately and down to the last detail. This ensures that there is no issue with inaccurate dental impressions, which can lead to the patient experiencing discomfort with bulky moulds and unnecessary debris in the mouth.

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