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Gum care appointments

When you have more advanced gum disease you will need gum treatments from your dentist as well as your dental hygienist.

Our aim is to look after you in an ethical and caring manner, with a strong team that is dedicated to your dental health.

Gum Care Appointments

Most of the care for treating and preventing gum disease is carried out by our team of dental hygienists and therapists. Sometimes, though, your gum disease may be more advanced, what we would call, periodontitis. Occasionally teeth will need to be extracted although we will do whatever we can to avoid this.


We will sometimes need to carry out more advanced care with deep cleaning and management of gum shape, this will be a team approach with your dentist being involved in the surgical side of care.


Whatever care you require to manage and treat your gum problem we can provide and with a team approach you can ensure the best in collaboration.

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