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Sedation Clinic

If you’re nervous there is a way

If you’re anxious about dental care we can help with sedation to help you relax and have your treatment without worries.

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Our aim is to look after you in an ethical and caring manner, with a strong team that is dedicated to your dental health.

Area You Nervous?

We understand that having treatment at your dental practice can feel a daunting prospect, for some even stepping through our door can be quite an ordeal. With this in mind we have created an environment to aid your relaxation with a team who care and want to see happy patients.


Sometimes though, despite all the measures we put into place, some patients need a little more. If this is you then please contact one of our team and chat, we understand you may not want to even pop in. We can deliver your treatment with some medicine to help you relax. Intra-venous sedation is safe and reliable, it allows you to be co-operative during your treatment but you are not anxious and totally relaxed. The medicine also has an amnesic quality which means you will not actually remember having your dental care.


To have sedation you will need a full medical assessment as well as someone to accompany you home. You will not be able to drive or work for 24hours after your care.

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