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Dental Health Checks

Oral health screening in South Oxfordshire

Regular Dental Health Checks are an important aspect of keeping on top of your dental health and also your general health.

Our aim is to look after you in an ethical and caring manner, with a strong team that is  dedicated to your dental health.

Oral Health Screening

During your dental health check you will be asked about your

  • medical history
  • past dental experience
  • toothbrushing and interdental cleansing habits
  • alcohol and tobacco usage
  • concerns about your teeth – what you like – what you don’t like
  • if you have any pain or discomfort


During your dental health check we will examine

  • your head and neck for lumps and bumps
  • your jaw joint
  • how your teeth look
  • the soft lining of your cheeks, palate, throat and gums
  • your gums and your teeth
  • how your teeth fit together and work together


When we examine the above areas we are also carrying out a thorough Oral Cancer check including a risk assessment by asking about your lifestyle. We understand if we can diagnose oral cancer very early on we can help improve the prognosis and the outcome for our patients.


We will also take X-rays when and where necessary to determine the possible presence of tooth decay and check the health of teeth under crowns and bridges.


We recommend that most people should keep on top of their dental health with checks every six months whilst some may be yearly.


So you see a Dental health Check is so much more than just checking your teeth!

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