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Dental Bridges

Bridging the gaps between your teeth

When a tooth is missing we can replace it using a dental bridge to restore form, function, and aesthetics.

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Bridging the Gaps

We do everything we can to save a tooth but sometimes it is just not possible and it will need to be extracted. If this happens we will discuss replacement of the missing tooth or teeth with you in detail. There are several options and one of them is to have a bridge placed.


A bridge is a permanent fixture and there are several types.


If you already have crowns in your mouth then a fixed bridge may be the best option, we will prepare teeth either side of your gap for crowns and then our dental technicians will construct a bridge that replaces these elements. We then cement this in place.


If the teeth either side of the gap have not ever had fillings or crowns then we do not like to destroy this tooth tissue and prepare the teeth. Instead we choose Minimal Intervention Dentistry, MID, and will prepare a “sticky” bridge or a Maryland Bridge.

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