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Cosmetic Orthodontics

Short term cosmetic adult orthodontics

For a great smile in less time with less fuss.
Orthodontics accessible to all.

Our aim is to look after you in an ethical and caring manner, with a strong team that is dedicated to your dental health.

Straightening Your Teeth

Teeth straightening or orthodontics has always been considered just for children. We straighten out their teeth and take advantage of their growth phases to optimise the care. However, it is possible to straighten your teeth whatever your age and more people are now considering this as an option.


When teeth are crooked in the past we may have cut tooth tissue away to provide a crown or maybe a veneer so we can provide a straight smooth smile. However, we know that damaging the tooth can, in time, lead to the loss of a tooth and certainly a lifetime of treatments. The alternative, straightening them, delivers a smooth aligned smile with your teeth intact and no need for endless changes of crowns in your lifetime.


Straightening teeth is now a real possibility for many people and it is so much more convenient than it ever was with different systems and methods for tooth straightening.


Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners to straighten your teeth over a period of time from anything from a few weeks to several months. The aligners are changed every couple of weeks and gradually and gently move your teeth into a better more aligned position.  The almost invisible nature of these aligners means they are well suited for patients who really don’t want brackets on their teeth, even if they are tooth coloured.


We can also carry out full mouth more traditional orthodontics when it is needed to correct other elements such as the way your teeth meet. This is also the treatment method of choice for children. Brackets and wires can still be tooth coloured but treatment times will be longer than with the Cosmetic Orthodontic systems as we are also moving the posterior teeth.


CFast is a form of Cosmetic Short Term Adult Orthodontics that uses tooth coloured brackets and wires to straighten and align the front six teeth. Treatment times typically run from 5-9 months with some treatments even being completed in a few months. The forces used to move the teeth are mild so there is not the same level if discomfort associated with full mouth orthodontics and the aesthetic nature of the wires and brackets means they are discreet and unobtrusive.

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