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Why should I see the Dental Hygienists?

15 September 2016

Why would you need to see a dental hygienist and is it really necessary? At Cherrytree Dental Care in Wantage we work closely as a team to improve and maintain your dental health. We also understand that prevention is usually preferable to cure and nowhere is this more true in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay. Our dental hygienists work alongside our dentists to deliver a personalised programme for you. That is a…

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What are Dental Implants?

10 September 2016

Dental implants are generally considered to be the gold standard when we are considering replacing missing teeth for many reasons:- No preparation and hence destruction of any other teeth so maintaining their longevity Feel as close to having your own tooth as any other treatment does A solid retentive tooth that does not need to be removed Excellent aesthetics can be achieved Possible to replace the teeth in the same day Dental Implants are not…

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